Wave Armor Dock Sales

Pine Crest Marina is a certified Wave Armor docks, parts and accessories distributor for the State of Pennsylvania. Please visit or look below for information about all of their products. You can also view the Wave Dock Information Sale Sheet.pdf. Please give us a call at 570-857-1850 or email us at!

Modular Floating Dock System

When it comes to superior design and functionality, we’ve developed innovative solutions to problems that other manufacturers haven’t even contemplated. Wave Armor’s exclusive “H-Beam Channel Lock” connection system makes your Wave Dock section connections seamless and infinitely modular. The battle-proven design also provides just the right mix of rigidity and flexibility to handle anything Mother Nature can throw at it.

Key Features:

  • Beautifully molded durable polyethylene construction with built-in UV protection.
  • Easy to install, proprietary “H-Beam Channel Lock” connection system for hassle-free assembly/disassembly.
  • Rugged, purpose-built dock float with rigid, closed cell foam-filled interior. This float keeps your deck where it is supposed to be, flat on the water.
  • In-mold fastener attachments spaced around perimeter for adding tie-down cleats where you need them.
  • Easily attaching accessories and components including: WavePort, PWC ports, bumpers, dock ramps, pipe adapters and post attachments, all utilizing the “H-Beam Channel Lock” attachment system.

Sample Configurations

Arrange modular floating Wave Dock sections to meet your needs. View more layout options. Wave Dock Section

H-Beam Channel Lock System™

With the proprietary patent pending H-Beam Channel Lock System™, Wave Dock deck/float sections are infinitely modular, connect to each other quickly (See 1, 2, 3 below) and offer a solid connection platform with just the right mix of rigidity and flexibility. All deck/float sections can be easily assembled into the exact configuration needed.

Channel Lock System


The universal float tank has anchoring points all the way around, and thru holes at each corner for bolting to the top deck. Floats are preassembled to the top deck in the factory. Cutouts on floats reduce weight, increase strength and stability, and have a suction cup affect to the water.

Our advanced technology places an individual deck section on a matching float for stability and design flexibility. Our deck & float (dock) sections attach quickly and easily. Just slide our easy- to-use H-Beams into the channels to join dock sections.


  • Dimensions:
    1. 120″ Long x 60″ Wide x 16″ Deep (Fully Assembled Section)
    2. 120″ Long x 40″ Wide x 16″ Deep (Fully Assembled Section)
    3. 60″ Long x 30″ Wide x 16″ Deep (Fully Assembled Section)
  • Weight: 340 lbs
  • Float Capacity: 2500 lbs


bracketBench Bench Attachment Dock Bench Attachment end5’x7’ Ramp
bracket2” Post Covers cross12” Post Attachment Kit endFiller
bracket24” Horizontal Bumper cross18” Vertical Bumper end 30” Corner
bracketPost Adapter crossH-Beam Connector end Ladder
bracketWinch Mooring Post bracketWheel Kit bracketH Beam Accessory Mount
bracketWinch Chain Adapter bracketSnap-in Plug bracketMooring Cleat – 8 or 10 inch
bracket36″ Adjustable Side Bumper