Enjoy a Day On The Lake

There is still a lot of summer left to enjoy! Come on up to Pine Crest Marina on Lake Wallenpaupack and enjoy a day out on the lake! You don’t need your own boat or watercraft! We have various rentals available. Whether you’re looking to get out on a pontoon or runabout, we have hourly and multi-day rental prices available, along with accessory rentals such as water skis, wakeboards, and tubes. Looking for something a bit more low-key? We offer paddle boat, paddle board and kayak rentals also. No matter what you’re looking for, renting a boat on Lake Wallenpaupack is easy! Visit us online today at www.pcmarinapa.com for more information or to book online.

Convenient Place to Store Your Boat

Are you looking for a convenient place to store your boat this season? Come to Pine Crest Marina on Lake Wallenpaupack! Whether you’re looking to store your boat for the season or just while you’re just visiting on vacation, we have seasonal as well as daily/weekly boat slip fee options available! For more information, visit us online at www.pcmarinapa.com.

Enjoy the Summer

Did you choose to relax at home last weekend to avoid the holiday crowds? Then come on out and enjoy summer this weekend at Lake Wallenpaupack! At Pine Crest Marina, we offer various boat and kayak rentals, as well as water skis and tubes, so you and your family and/or friends can come out and enjoy a day on the water without needing your own equipment. For more information, and to view hourly, daily, and multi-day rental rates, visit us online at www.pcmarinapa.com.

Fourth of July Weekend

Are you looking to get out and enjoy your Fourth of July weekend in the summer sun, without making that trek to the beach and having to deal with the crowds? Make your way up to Lake Wallenpaupack and visit Pine Crest Marina! We have a number of pontoon boats, roundabouts, and kayaks to rent so that you and your family and friends have various choices, whether you want to just relax and sunbathe, or have a more adventurous time. We have hourly and multi-day rental pricing so we can accommodate your needs. For more information, visit us online today at www.pcmarinapa.com.

Fun in the sun

Are you looking for some fun in the sun? Then come to Pine Crest Marina where we have new and used boat sales. Whether you’re looking for the laid back ride of a pontoon, or high-speed fun on a roundabout, we have models and prices that will fit your budget. For more information, visit us online at www.pcmarinapa.com.

Weekends on the Lake

Have you talked about having a boat that the family to use? Wouldn’t weekends out on the lake give you the much-needed relaxation and family time that you desire? Why not surprise Dad for Father’s Day this year and bring him down to Pine Crest Marina, where we have a large selection of both new and used boats for him to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a pontoon boat or a runabout, for those speed demons, we have choices that will fit both your tastes and your budget! For more information, visit us online at www.pcmarinapa.com.

2015 Slip Rental

It’s not too late to secure a slip rental for the 2015 season! Seasonal boat slip rentals are available from May 15th through October 1st, or you can choose a daily or weekly slip rental. Give yourself the convenience of having your boat docked at the lake all season versus having to tow it up every time you want to spend a day out on the lake. For more information about our slip rentals and fees, visit us online at www.pinecrestmarinapa.com.

Memorial Day Weekend Out On the Lake

Are you looking to spend your Memorial Day Weekend out on the lake? Don’t you wish that you had your own pontoon or runabout boat to do so? Well, there’s no need! At Pine Crest Marina on Lake Wallenpaupack, you can rent boats, kayaks, and tons of accessories like tubes and wakeboards!  Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend on the lake and soak up the sun! For more information and pricing on all of our available rentals and accessories, visit us online at www.pcmarinapa.com